11th May 2016: A bit more helpful, and faster
Following some feedback, I've made the help text a bit more err... helpful on the main page. The main page should also be faster - an index on a database table was a bit wrong, and I added compression. 2 short lines of code, that doubled the speed of getting a response back to the web front end - marvellous.
2nd May 2016: Brand new interface
A new user interface is finally done. It should work much better than the old one on small screens such as phones and tablets. The old version is still available. A lot of other changes have happened behind the scenes: there is now a RESTful API, which has a test written in PHPUnit. The user interface has its own test, using JUnit and Selenium. This is all part of an effort to make it easier to change things, and harder to break things by accident. Having said that, given how big this change was, I'm sure I've broken something - please let me know if I have (or what you think of the new interface).


11th January 2014: More events and small graph changes
Because Kentwell this year is going to be re-creating 1578, I made sure the years just before have events. Also, the coverage graph now shows the years that have no events.


3rd October 2013: Graphs and bridging the gap
There are now a couple of graphs on the new coverage page that might help you know where to look for events that the site knows. There used to be two separate clumps of events: Wars of the Roses / Tudor and Victorian / Modern. These two clumps have now been joined, but the coverage is still a bit thin.
21st October 2013: Extra info on the Royal Family Tree

When you hover over someone's picture in the family tree, extra information about them will appear.

27th September 2013: Allegiances during the Wars of the Roses

A new chart added to try to make sense of who was on which side, when. Made this page a bit easier to read by making the separate items more obvious.

5th September 2013: Ages added to Royal Family Tree

I've taken a guess at some people's dates of birth where it's unclear.

1st September 2013: Wars of the Roses Royal Family Tree

There's a new Wars of the Roses section, which currently just houses an interactive family tree for the royal family of the period.

20th March 2013: 20th Century events, plus some graphs

The biggest change is the addition of events from the 20th Century, motivated by the huge changes that my grandparents lived through. A new page showing how well (if at all) different regions are covered, with the aid of some graphs. These directly query the database behind the site, so will keep themselves up to date automatically. Small changes to the About page. A couple of dodgy accents corrected. A few new categories of event have been added (weather, business, sport and education), and some old events have been changed to use them.

21st March 2012: A news page, plus details and links on events

This page is added to keep track of what's changed. A few changes on the main events page. If the cursor changes to a pointer when you hover over the text of an event, it means you can click on it to reveal more detail. Click on the event or its detail again, and the detail disappears. If there is a link for more info to an external site, e.g. Wikipedia, this is displayed at the end of the event.

Also added events for the life of Henry VII, which includes bits of the War of the Roses.

8th March 2012: The site goes live

Just the simplest I could do, to see how people want it to change.